Welcome to randTXTr !
this little web based tool lets you grab some text from a URL and rip it into a jpeg image. you have several functions below to have a little control over the output. the whole action could take its time cause the script got to transfer the data from the location you paste into the URL field and render the image and send it to you. so plz have some patience.

this tool was done by f. raeithel

URL to be ripped ( use like this "http://webadress.net/books/goethe.html" )

strip out all HTML tags ? yes

Straight Lines ? yes

Numbers of ripped Lines

Minimal Font Size

Maximum Font Size

rgb colorselect ( 0 - 255 )

r - color g - color b - color

this action can take some time.
depending the speed of the connection where to grab the URL
and the number of lines outputted.